Plugin description

Simple, free and easy way to display the Shipping Class of each product you have during Checkout and on Shopping Cart page. You want to let your clients know that your product will be shipped in 1 to 3 days or 4 to 10 days or that the product is bulky? Immediately after activation the plugin displays whatever shipping class is selected in WooCommerce Shipping tab. The Shipping Class will be displayed inside the Checkout details under the product and in Complete Checkout page just bellow the "Product Name" without the use of any coding. No weird panels. No need of special permissions by admin. Simply upload or download the plugin and hit "activate" and it will automaticaly show the selected shipping classes of products.

Download from Wordpress Repository

You can download Woocommerce Display Shipping Class in Cart directly from inside the Plugins tab on your Wordpress installation or from the Wordpress Repository safely and quick.

Support requests

You can contact us about anything regarding support of our plugin via official plugin page on support tab.

Read our FAQ

1Whats happenes when Shipping Class does not appear at checkout or in cart?
You can check and see if you have created your Shipping Classes or if a Shipping Class is selected for your products.
2What settings should I use in order to display the Shipping Class?
No settings needed. Once you activate the plugin it will automatically show the Shipping Class of the product at checkout and in cart.
3Does the plugin interfere with the functionality of Woocommerce?
No, this plugin is simply an easy way for someone to display the Shipping Class of a product at Checkout and in your cart.